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I Made a Patreon Page for donations towards the evolution and cause of
By the simple act of just visiting you already have proven your alliance and support and owe us nothing more. In the end, you pay what you will, what you believe is necessary to.
My site will keep updating every week with new content, we havent missed a single week since the start more than 2 years ago.

Every cent of your donation will go towards the evolution of Shadbase.

We are a free people, free from uncertainty, free from doubt, Join us in our cause!


I, Shadman,humbly thank you from the bottom of my black hearth.

May your sword stay wet, like a young girl in her prime.

A question to the artists who Livestream

Whats the appeal in Livestreaming, why do you enjoy strangers virtually watching over your shoulder while you draw or do other activites on your home computer, why do you enjoy having your privacy invaded during your creative process? What am I missing here? I fail to see whats so useful about it, everywhere I look people are trying to push audiences to join their stream. But whenever I try to set it up, I forsee nothing but negativity in forcing myself to share hours of my life with web dwellers.

Help me to understand here.

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