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The holy Mariokart 8 trinity. Done for the Shagbase “Speed Princess” Series. You can find dickgirl verfsions of Rosalina and Daisy there.

Daisy in collabiration with TwistedGrim

Peach in collabiration with Nevarky

Rosalina all by yours truly.

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FYI Today is the final day to pick up Daisy as a Poster!


Anonymous asked:

Hey,love your work,man! I do have a question,though.I really would like to purchase some of your prints,unfortunately,I am still currently with my family and obviously,I'm not trying to deal with a shit storm of shocked and offended BS,Any ideas on how to deal with delivery?

They come in carboard tubes, so theres no telling whats printed on them when you receive it, so there shouldnt be any trouble.



My latest Elizabeth pic including sketch from back in January, Im sure I will get back to her eventually.

You can see my first Elizabeth series here (Early 2013)

Columbias Finest Set here (Late 2013)

And "Anal at Sea" project here.(January 2014)

You can get her now as a Poster via Sharkrobot!

(Poster will be uncensored, but out of legal reasons the breasts are censored in the preview)

2 More days left to get a Elizabeth Poster! Order yours here.

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