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hiddenghul asked:

I know we can't now, but will we ever be able to buy pictures of the Frozen girls?

I wanted to sell Elsa as a poster originally, but since Disney can be really dangerous regarding copyrights, Sharkrobot didnt want to sell her.Therefor I dont think I will be able to offer sexy posters of the Frozen girls, however I send out the full print resolution files to Patrons on my Patreon  Like that people who have access to a good printer can print massive posters themselves.


Anonymous asked:

Do the posters come with the black bars blocking out the nipples?

No, those are just there so doesnt get in trouble for showing nudity. The print will be uncencored with nothing block the breasts and their nipples.


Squigly from Skullgirls done back in Frebruary 2013

For those who keep asking me to draw Skullgirls stuff, I did draw a little bit a year ago, however youre right I should do more, cant right now though, working on too many other things Id rather draw. But I finally got the game now, once I complet some current projects I will give it a try and do a project on Skullgirls.

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